Tori Larson Photography
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Faces of Feminism

The Project


In Fall of 2017 I was in my final semester at UWL. Before I left I wanted to showcase why the department was so necessary and so important to so many people while incorporating my artistic passion of photography. Choosing WGSS as my minor shaped me into who I am and I am forever indebted to my professors for all they taught me. 

Each person who volunteered to be photographed will have their own post. I hope you enjoy the images and absorb what these amazing people have said.


Feminism is for everybody.


To complete this project, I reached out to all the majors and minors in the Women’s Gender, and Sexuality Studies department as well as all faculty related to the department.  Those who generously volunteered to be a part of my project were sent several questions to think about and then answer. I also met with each person and photographed them which gave me the opportunity to listen to these people talk passionately about what they care about. I truly think that I gained a great deal from these conversations and learned even more about the incredibly intelligent people at UWL.

I want to thank everyone who volunteered to help me with this project as well as Dr. Khan for encouraging me to incorporate my passions together to do some good for our department & helping me facilitate this show!

Victoria Larson