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Faces of Feminism

Kendra Whelan



What have you learned in your studies? 

The majority of what I’ve learned so far is how systemic oppression is created and how it manifests today. For example, how housing discrimination starting after WWII has led to segregation in suburbs and cities throughout the US. Or how the pay gap was started. Or how LGBTQ+ people weren’t always discriminated against, but how that developed over time. Or how intersex folks have been oppressed via “corrective” operations at birth. Or how the way boys and girls are taught to communicate can lead to relationship problems in the future. WGSS is a very broad area of study, anyone who has an interest in anything can find a class through the department that would interest them, I guarantee it. At UWL, I have opened a chapter of Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment (PAVE) to end sexual assault and dating violence through preventative education. 

Victoria Larson