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Faces of Feminism

Dr. Ryan McKelley


Chair, Department of Psychology

What have you learned in your studies? 

Put simply, that traditional and contemporary ways of viewing and enacting gender often results in oppression, restriction, and constriction for many people. Everyone suffers to some degree if they are reduced to parts and prevented the opportunity to live as whole beings.

How do you use all that you have learned? 

I strive to pay attention to the way gender is played out or perceived in my interpersonal relationships, ways I view things in the world, what I study, how I work with clients, how I parent, how and what I teach…the list goes on. To be clear, I’m more in tune to some things than others. I fail in some ways on a daily basis, but remind myself to try to do better next time. I resist the label of expert and try to remain open to learning from others and learning from my mistakes. 

Victoria Larson