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Faces of Feminism

Dr. Mahruq Khan


Associate Professor - Department of Women’s Gender, and Sexuality Studies

What courses do you teach & why are these courses essential to the curriculum? 

I teach Gender & Human Rights; Globalization, Women and Work; Women’s Diversity; Gender, Power, and Social Change in Religion; Introduction to LGBT Studies; and the Women’s Studies Senior Seminar. Many of these courses offer more international topics and cases to the department curricula and help students see how there is no “universal” experience of gender or sexuality.

What have you learned in your studies? 

In a nutshell: social injustice impacts everyone. Working to address the social problems of a particular community also has positive impacts on those outside the community.

What is something you wish every person knew who has a bad stereotype about those who are in our field? 

Feminism is not about doing the same thing to men that’s always been done to women. You don’t have to be a woman to care about feminism. Working towards gender justice liberates all people of gendered expectations.

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