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Faces of Feminism

Dr. Dena Huisman


Associate Professor - Communication Studies

Why are the courses you teach essential to the curriculum? 

These courses are vital because they all highlight how everyday interactions create, maintain, and challenge our identities, our relationships, and our social structures. Communication is so fundamental to our lives, both at a functional/practical level as well as at a philosophical/cultural management level. We tell our students that they “cannot not communicate,” which means we are always in the act of creating, interpreting, responding to, and interacting with messages. Gender is a message construction. We communicate it into being in our daily lives and in the social structures in which we make sense of our communication.

What courses do you teach?

Here’s the list of what I’ve taught: Introduction to Communication Studies, Public Oral Communication, Communicating Effectively, Interpersonal Communication, Gender Communication, Communication Theory, Family Communication, Team Communication, Intercultural Communication, Conflict and Negotiation, Nonverbal Communication, Senior Project

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