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Faces of Feminism

Dr. Beth Boser


Assistant Professor - Department of Communications

What courses do you teach & why are these courses essential to the curriculum?

Currently, I teach CST 419 (Media and Identity). We live mediated lives, so who we are and how we think about ourselves and others is continually produced and reproduced by media discourses. It’s important for everyone to have the ability to think critically about the ways in which gender (and other facets of identity) is constructed in and through media. 

Why should others care about Women & Gender studies?  

The work done in Women & Gender studies is about all of us. No one can separate themselves or their lives from the implications of gender. Moreover, all of us are hurt by a social system of gender that empowers some and disempowers others. The discipline of Women & Gender studies is at the center of the ongoing theorizing and critique we require, to continue the work of breaking down gender-based hierarchy and oppression. 

Victoria Larson