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Faces of Feminism

Anna Vance



Complied response to all questions

WGS really spoke to me because I could apply it to my everyday life. I started connecting what I was learning about to my own personal life and I saw it being applicable everywhere in society. WGS isn’t just about uplifting women (and no, we don’t hate men). WGS is about examining the structural, political, economic, and social inequities and actively working to change them. WGS is about creating a more equitable society for all people and it’s a social justice lens through which you can view the world. I think WGS is important because it pushes you to consider the perspectives of people in society who are typically not given a voice. It’s important to me because I think we can do better. If I’ve learned one thing from all my WGS courses, it’s to question why things are the way they are and to listen to the experiences and perspectives of others. 

Victoria Larson