Tori Larson Photography

A Day in the Life

Visit to San Diego, March 2019

My dad has lived in California since I was like 16 years old and every so often I go out and visit and its always a great time. This time around it wasn’t crazy hot but we still had some beautiful days. One day we went to the Flower Fields in Carlsbad, which I also turned into a photoshoot with a friend who lives there. Then we went to the Safari park and got to feed some giraffes and rhinos which is always so fricken cool! Then I went on an intense hike down a mountain to blacks beach which was so beautiful and we were not at all dressed for the occasion! It was a mess but also awesome and worth it. The last full day there we went to the beach and laid in the sun. We boogie boarded in the ocean which was FREEZING but so so fun! Lots of good food and beautiful views. I always love going and if it weren’t so expensive I think i’d move there in a heartbeat 😍 enjoy all the photos, I only took a million!! 🤪

Victoria Larson