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The Lumineers

Recently, I have been going back through a lot of old photos and came across some of the ones I took at The Lumineers concert my sister & I went in March 2017. It was probably the most amazing concert I have ever been to. Their songs have a lot of feeling and they are such an authentic band it was honestly like a religious experience, lol. Dramatic? Not at all, it was that amazing. I splurged on these tickets a bit because they were my sister’s Christmas gift and so we had some floor seats that were pretty decent. Later in the concert, though, they came to a stage in the middle of the floor and we were only 4!!!!! seats away from them! Here are some shaky photos I took of the concert (zoom lens & extreme low light w/o a tripod are a tricky combo) and I’ll try to upload a few videos from my phone too if I can 😊