A stroll around South Congress

On this chilly Saturday afternoon My friend Elizabeth and I decided to walk around South Congress. I love the cute shops with local products & all the neon signs you could ever want. We went in to the Austin Motel’s shop and I thought i’d gone to Heaven with the colors & vibe in there. Who knew I was so obsessed with the 70’s desert look? Anyways enjoy some fun photos I took while we walked around :)

Pink Self Portraits

I only have a few days left till I start work and I felt like I really needed to get my creative juices flowing. So I decided to take some self portraits and push myself outside of my comfort zone! I was going for a hazy ethereal look. With pink & purple mascara, gold lipgloss and some translucent pink wrapping paper I think I achieved a cool set of images! Enjoy! 💕

Hank's coffee date with Olivia

One of the things I love about Austin is, duh, the restaurants! This one in particular has the cutest coffee shop attached. Since I had a lot of free time before starting work this coming Monday I decided to meet up with my friend, Olivia, chat, and eat some scrumptious snacks. We all know I’m obsessed with cheese (Wisconsin girl thru & thru right here) so of course I had to get the cheese board and then I grabbed an iced chai & a sugar cookie with a simple yet stunning flower garnish. After snacking we took a few pics and it was a great way to spend a Monday afternoon! scroll below to see our friend date ✨